Riding and horses

Our love for animals, and a respect for rural life, has inspired us to create a space dedicated towards breeding horses.
On our property, we have a stable, 4 independent paddocks, a round pen, a stud farm, and a riding school. In addition, we have broodmares suitable for producing trotters.

Among these is our special guest, Boy Special, a stallion with a very high pedigree and champion known throughout all of Italy, authorized to race by the U.N.I.R.E. (National Union for the Increase of Equine Breeds) and the Region of Sardinia.

The hippotherapy and riding activities are not currently available, but we hope to be able to offer them, again soon.


Hippotherapy is a discipline that uses horses to improve the health of individuals and, more specifically, their physical, motoric, and mental wellbeing.

To this end, we offer various rehabilitation exercises aimed at an interaction between humans and horses.

Hippotherapy is also used to improve brain disorders, as well as both chronic and traumatic physical disorders, particularly autism and Down syndrome. Our facility is equipped with special equipment to overcome these difficulties and allow for an effective intervention.

One of the most critical moments in these horseback riding activities is getting on the saddle. In this respect, we are equipped with a mechanical lift, so that unnecessary physical efforts can be avoided. Our lift system uses the same principle as lifting platforms and lifting sling mechanisms. The platform lift system, therefore, turns out to be the most efficient and safe method to use, even in terms of approach and psychological wellbeing for the horses.