Nature and animals

At the Curatoria, you’ll be able to come into contact with many sweet petting animals. You can visit the stables and learn about our beautiful horses, but also admire majestic ostriches, dwarf bunnies, donkeys, goats, calves, boars, ducks, peacocks, and geese.

You can see them in their own environment as they graze or eat, you can pet them or brush them and even feed them their favourite treats. All our work is based on respect for animals and their peaceful relationship with man.


This experience is particularly suitable for children, who rarely ever have the opportunity to come into contact with domesticated animals. It is for this reason that we’ve decided to offer various guided tours and teaching experiences dedicated to children.

We give special attention to the care of each animal: you can assist in their nutrition, their walks, and in group life.
Admire our sweet friends, and don’t forget to take some photos … they’re always ready for a selfie!