We are organic!

A love for the land, a passion for nature, and the desire to revoke our origins have led us towards creating a farming enterprise associated with our agritourism.

From our farm animals to our horses, to our cultivated fields and livestock…everything we do mustcommunicate one single message: We are organic!

From the very start, we focused on the beauty of little things, like wholesome eating, relaxation, and tradition. We decided to build our facilities in the inland area of Sardinia, among the beautiful lush green hills, isolated from the hustle and bustle.

We operate according to the best certified organic farming techniques, in harmony with the existing environment, using crop rotations and all practices that preserve soil fertility. In the months following a harvest, our horses graze on our lands, allowing them to be naturally fertilized.


For many years now, our farm has been part of an organic production system that complies with Regulation 834/07/CE. We grow certified organic wheat, myrtle, and almonds and also produce organic feed and extra virgin olive oil.

Every product is personally grown and cared for by our family and used for the needs of the restaurant and the preparation of dishes and specialties to serve to guests.

Almond grove: the almonds we cultivate are then used for liqueurs and desserts.

Olive grove: we have about 1,000 olive trees, several within the agritourism and others in olive groves located a few kilometres away. These trees allow us to obtain excellent quality olives throughout the year, as well as delicious olive oil.

Myrtle grove: we have about 1 hectare of myrtle trees, managed according to organic farming regulations, which allows us to grow myrtles in an artisan manner.


At about 3 km from the farm is our pig breeding farm, designed efficiently in terms of animal wellbeing and productivity, all in a safe working environment.

The facility is fully equipped with photovoltaic systems that allow us to work at an almost 0 impact level, using green and renewable energy.

The environment is one of the aspects of greatest importance for the health of our animals, which are raised respecting the rules of organic production.