Relax & Fun

So that you may spend your days in absolute rest and relaxation, away from the stress and noise of the city, we’ve created a space that encompasses different options to satisfy all your needs.

Come to our farm if you desire a healthy and well-deserved respite and, at the same time, if you’d like to have some fun on a peaceful holiday, living a simple life in contact with nature and pampered by our hospitality.

At the Curatoria, you’ll find a swimming pool and garden at your disposal and also be able to enjoy the delights of a good restaurant, which serves organic cuisine and dishes made by us.

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Visit the area where our animals are kept in special, comfortable enclosures: Tibetan goats (traditionally friendly with horses), elegant ostriches, calves, boars, and geese.

Our animals love to be petted and cuddled by visitors, both young and old.
We care for all our creatures, in respect of the environment, and put their wellbeing in the forefront. Come and visit us, and live your experience in complete relaxation!


We’ve given, above all, our attention to… children! Here, they’ll find a place that’s just right for them! Along with our learning classes and visits, in contact with our animals, among the greenery where they can run and play, they can have fun in our large playground with slides, swings, and other children’s playground toy.

The whole facility is surrounded by nature and ancient trees that provide refreshing shady areas during the summer, green lawns, and flower beds where to play.

The icing on the cake is our large swimming pool, which welcomes you for a refreshing swim while you backstroke admiring a fascinating view: the beautiful sky of Sardinia!