Our restaurant is waiting to offer you an experience that will delight all your senses, especially taste. Each dish is prepared with care and attention, and most of the ingredients in our recipes are organic, produced mainly on our farm.

We’d like you to enjoy a day full of nature and relaxation but also excellent cuisine!


Within a vast and welcoming complex, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you can enjoy a variety of menus inspired by the ancient gastronomic traditions of our land.

Enjoy the cold cuts we produce ourselves, along with all the land food appetizers, accompanying them with seasonal salads dressed with organic extra virgin olive oil. In addition, our pig breeding farm allows us to bring to the table a flavourful, genuine, fresh product to serve on large platters and share with your friends.

You can then accompany all this goodness with excellent, locally produced wines. The meal ends with fresh fruit and homemade desserts, when you can also enjoy a bitter produced by us.
We can also host your ceremonies and help you celebrate important occasions. 400 people is the maximum capacity for our facility.


Since we produce typical products while following and respecting the seasons, as well as the products that the Earth provides us all year round, our menu varies accordingly.

Some examples of these variations in seasonality are our traditional appetizers, while our main courses are made with egg pasta from our own in-house facility (ravioli, malloreddus, fusilli, and fregola).
Some of the dishes we serve are: snails alla Curatoria, fricò (pig innards with onions and vinegar), our own cold cuts, preserves, ravioli with sauce, malloreddus alla Campidanese (typical Sardinian pasta with sausage and Pecorino cheese), fusilli pasta with wild boar sauce, fregola (couscous-like pasta) with porcini mushrooms, and many others.
So, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy them all. Make a reservation by calling: 070-917-7314 or 335-844-3751.

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We produce our cold cuts according to ancient traditions and a respect for nature.

The pigs used come from private breeding farms, which are highly controlled and certified. The animals live outdoors, free to move in their own spaces and fed with natural, pesticide-free and antibiotic-free feed. This makes our organic meats particularly wholesome and tasty.

Our cols cuts are carefully prepared using old traditional processes, fully respecting nature. Modern machines help us constantly improve production and ensure that our meats are of greater quality.

With this, we can guarantee:

  • healthy and organic products, free from synthetic substances;
  • tasty meats prepared according to tradition;
  • special care in preserving our food products.

Come and visit our agritourism so that you may become familiar with our production cycle and also enjoy a taste of our cold cuts and all our organic products!