About us

The true peculiarity of our island is the variety of its landscapes: lush mountains, pristine beaches, and a crystalline sea, but also stretches of warm-coloured plains and hills, and our wheat and sun that, fortunately for us, keeps us company for 300 days a year.
Our farm, inaugurated about ten years ago and in constant evolution, is situated precisely in one of these plains. We chose this area because we were born here, grew up here, and here we have learned to respect the environment and nature.

All this allows us to be able to accommodate you in a complex surrounded by our wheat fields, our breeding farms, and our stables, all created and operated strictly in our home by our family.
Our agritourism is always evolving. From the year 2000 to the present, work here has hardly ever stopped, so we’re never bored!

We want these pages to tell you about us and, above all, we’ll be happy to speak with you in person, over a plate of fresh pasta, prepared with our own hands, and with a special ingredient: the wheat we produce ourselves. We’ll be eagerly waiting for you to visit!

Having to deal directly with the environment and its resources helps us measure out our work, our commitment, and our activities towards its generosity.

We are the ones to adapt to nature, and never the other way around.

This is what we can offer you: