Are you ready to breathe with the same rhythm as nature?
Discover genuine food born from a love and respect for our land?
Would you like to dive into an evocative and intimate corner of Sardinia?

Then, you’re in the right place. We’re ready to welcome you and have you experience a marvellous stay in our agritourism!



Our restaurant offers a menu based on typical Sardinian products, and our dishes narrate the ancient traditions of Sardinia in a special manner.
Enjoy a rich, traditional menu consisting of delicious land food appetizers, tasty goat meat, lamb, wild boar, and pig roasted on a spit, accompanied by excellent local wines. End your meal with plenty of fresh fruit and typical pastries we make ourselves.
We are also available for parties and events, so please contact us for any information you might require.


Further downstream, along the road leading to the farmhouse, you’ll find the buildings that comprise the stables. You’re welcome to visit both the facility and the stables.


To continue your holiday and stay for a weekend or longer periods, we have rooms available with  full amenities, such as air conditioning and TV, located in special areas, in order to guarantee you receive the best in rest and relaxation.

Welcome in Curatoria!

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